Below you will find the transcript of the interview between Bill Cassidy and Aorlan of with Sir Tris fo Knights defi. This interview was conducted on the Telegram room March 31, 2021.


Today we are having a Chat with — Check out their website after the chat and see what they are all about. The telegram channel is a lot of fun and super active.


I’m ready!


Start it off with an introductory message about who you are, your background and experience and the role you play in Knights Project.


Hi, first off thanks for having…


No Knight can go into battle without a team. Getting the armor on and mounted is a task that takes thankless warriors who serve in a different way…

SQUIRES — are the lifeblood of the war machine. And for their thankless effort, the worker, we HONOR THEM.⚔️🛡

Thus — As a reward for your loyalty in battle, EVERYONE involved in Battlefield right now has just received Sir Tristan’s newest invention — the Squire Token. Check your Battlefield warriors (refresh if you’re on it) — you are now earning them — and have been…

First, Battlefield’s contract is in a closed beta phase right now, and will be tested by several users / wallets to ensure its functionality works as intended. Right now all bugs appear to be squashed, and we are ready for a 3/24 launch. I am still working through the UI hooks, but am making excellent progress and expect to be done in 4–6 hours of work.

Second, After a lot of discussion and testing with Battlefield, I have proposed a few changes and updated our Overview to include said changes:

  1. Fees will be reduced on all staking tokens. I recognized…

I had a great AMA with the very professional and knowledgable Bos Taurus of The Bull Pen @ Check out the AMA, and be sure to check out The Bull Pen! Great group!

Transcript taken from Telegram AMA
at “THE🐂BULL🐂PEN🐂” hosted by Bos Taurus

Date📅 03.16.2021 Tuesday
Time🕗 20:04 ~ 21:51 EST*

Bos Taurus
Hello and Welcome Everyone to The Bull Pen!

Today we will be speaking with Tris from Knights of the Roundtable.
How are you today Sir?

I’m doing great, thanks for having me!

Bos Taurus

Please let us know a little about…

I don’t like breaking promises, but we discovered a major flaw in the original design of Battlefield that would be exploited by bots or, honestly, people. In order to combat exploitation, a vesting pattern was designed to provide proper equitability for all, not just people who could afford to buy out the entire stock of LEGEND.

I have put together a more cohesive document that outlines who we are, and what we do. Farming is not the goal. The goal is to build an ecosystem. Farming is just a way to get the ecosystem started. Please read and enjoy. Feel free to reach out to me to ask any questions or recommend any changes.

Read the document here:

Knights praying to TABLE
Knights praying to TABLE
In TABLE we trust.

Hello all! I have some exciting news to share.

  • We have broken 1 million minted and farmed KNIGHT tokens in just 3 days! Our knights are honorable, formidable, and have taken to farming and being part of the community more than I ever expected this early on. Price is staying stable, and the the engagement and support has made me hopeful and energized in the world of BSC.
  • I am formally announcing the new token in this article.
  • I am formally announcing upcoming features.

Introducing LEGEND

When I started the idea for a Knights of the Round Table token, the…

My fellow knights, in preparation for our launch, I have a few exciting announcements!

First, the airdrop of KNIGHT:

  • 5000 KNIGHT from treasury will be reserved for TABLE holders via a manual airdrop.
  • The 5000 will be shared among all holders, with no exceptions. The snapshot of this will be 3/5 @ 5PM UTC. Please try not to buy immediately before 5, BSC Scan can take a minute or two to update sometimes and I am not a machine, so try to get in before 4:30PM UTC if not already in.
  • One Caveat: KNIGHT will not have all the features…

Voting was in and farming was the most requested aspect. Dev team will start putting the framework, domain, and initial functionality in hopefully 3/2 late evening.

New community token on BSC Network: Knights of the Round Table (TABLE).

- 13 total supply
- 2% reflect
- Liquidity locked and burned
- Renounced ownership


LP Provided and Burned:

Ownership Renounced:


Buy Here:

Low holder count, high potential. Check it out! If you join, please contribute by getting the word out, or volunteering to do things such as building a website, or setting up further ideas to utilize the token.

Knights of the Round Table BSC

Group for people who want to be involved with a community token with a very limited (13), reflectionary supply.

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