No Knight can go into battle without a team. Getting the armor on and mounted is a task that takes thankless warriors who serve in a different way…

SQUIRES — are the lifeblood of the war machine. …

I don’t like breaking promises, but we discovered a major flaw in the original design of Battlefield that would be exploited by bots or, honestly, people. In order to combat exploitation, a vesting pattern was designed to provide proper equitability for all, not just people who could afford to buy out the entire stock of LEGEND.

I have put together a more cohesive document that outlines who we are, and what we do. Farming is not the goal. The goal is to build an ecosystem. Farming is just a way to get the ecosystem started. Please read and enjoy. Feel free to reach out to me to ask any questions or recommend any changes.

Read the document here:

My fellow knights, in preparation for our launch, I have a few exciting announcements!

First, the airdrop of KNIGHT:

  • 5000 KNIGHT from treasury will be reserved for TABLE holders via a manual airdrop.
  • The 5000 will be shared among all holders, with no exceptions. The snapshot of this will be…

New community token on BSC Network: Knights of the Round Table (TABLE).

- 13 total supply
- 2% reflect
- Liquidity locked and burned
- Renounced ownership


LP Provided and Burned:

Ownership Renounced:


Buy Here:

Low holder count, high potential. Check it out! If you join, please contribute by getting the word out, or volunteering to do things such as building a website, or setting up further ideas to utilize the token.

Knights of the Round Table BSC

Group for people who want to be involved with a community token with a very limited (13), reflectionary supply.

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