The Legend of the Knights of the Round Table

Knights praying to TABLE
In TABLE we trust.

Hello all! I have some exciting news to share.

  • We have broken 1 million minted and farmed KNIGHT tokens in just 3 days! Our knights are honorable, formidable, and have taken to farming and being part of the community more than I ever expected this early on. Price is staying stable, and the the engagement and support has made me hopeful and energized in the world of BSC.
  • I am formally announcing the new token in this article.
  • I am formally announcing upcoming features.

Introducing LEGEND

When I started the idea for a Knights of the Round Table token, the goal was always to make something legendary and exciting. Our new value holding token will be called LEGEND, to honor the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. LEGEND will have several key features:

  • 155 Total Supply to represent the 155 main legends of Arthurian lore.
  • 3% total tax
  • Liquidity Locking: 1% Liquidity Lock
  • Reflection: 1% Rewards distributed in proportion to holdings.
  • Battlefield: 1% will be returned to the Battlefield (mentioned below) to fight another day.
  • 8 Tokens held back for Dev.

Obtaining LEGEND

As a group we discussed several ways to make a new token viable in our ecosystem, while also supporting the existing tokens. As such, there will be ways to get LEGEND that are beneficial to KNIGHT and TABLE holders.

  1. Airdrop for TABLE Holders

TABLE has a rare and limited supply and is the cornerstone of our platform. Holding TABLE will have rewards throughout the lifespan of the ecosystem. Any holder who held TABLE and was airdropped KNIGHT *and* holds TABLE during a snapshot on 3/12 @ 5PM UTC will receive an airdrop of LEGEND in proportion to holdings averaged from both snapshots. 15 LEGEND will be included in the airdrop. LPs and staking will count towards this reward. Once the snapshot is complete, I will post the estimated rewards to chat for feedback, to ensure I’ve done everything correctly.

2. Battlefield for KNIGHT holders

KNIGHT is our inflationary commodity token. We will need to keep utility flowing in order to grow the value of the token. When LEGEND launches, there will be a Battlefield contract, where KNIGHTs will become LEGENDs.

KNIGHTs will be sent from your wallet into the Battlefield, and emerge as LEGENDs. At launch, 50 LEGEND can only be obtained this way, and the price will be tied to the Pancake LP for LEGEND-KNIGHT, with a 20% extra bonus to value. LEGEND will be replenished through transactions to the BATTLEFIELD. At launch, each transaction will be capped at 1 LEGEND to prevent hoarding. The amount of LEGEND in the contract will always be visible, and with transactions sending 1% of all LEGENDS back to the Battlefield, there should always be a supply of LEGEND to get!

In this scenario, KNIGHT will be burned, and significant amounts of it. There will be a 5% reflection mechanic for any KNIGHT sent to the Battlefield to reward our holders, a 10% KNIGHT-BNB LP liquidity lock, and 85% sent to the Dead address for burning. Launch date targeted for the token launch on 3/13.

3. PancakeSwap…

Not exciting, I know, but we need new holders. the remaining supply of 82 LEGEND tokens will be locked with 5 BNB of my personal funding in a LEGEND-BNB pool, and sent to a burn address. Ownership will be renounced with locked liquidity. People can buy LEGEND directly from Pancake.

New features

Lottery will be coming fairly soon for KNIGHT. We will be burning 20%, locking 5% and reflecting 5% to holders for a total tax of 30%. Target 3/20 to launch the lottery.

Medieval themed NFTs are in the works already! We will be working on some NFTs that will be sold for KNIGHT… we may even have some incredible NFTs that will be sold for TABLE and LEGEND! Stay tuned! Target 3/27 to launch NFT marketplace.

Not yet announced features in planning

A 4th Token

Gamification of farming / pooling similar to what GooseDefi is calling Layered Farming.

More? Stay tuned! Obviously all dates are pending no major hiccups, but I will work hard to deliver on the timelines I state.

Group for people who want to be involved with a community token with a very limited (13), reflectionary supply.